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Gary Neville Admits to Being Fed Up with Watching Manchester United Games

Gary Neville Admits to Being Fed Up with Watching Manchester United Games

United's Horror Run

Manchester United is facing a tough upcoming schedule, with games against Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Aston Villa, and Tottenham all within the next month. The team's recent 1-0 defeat to Newcastle has left Old Trafford legend Gary Neville feeling frustrated and dreading the matches ahead.

Neville's Disappointment

Speaking on Sky Sports, Neville expressed his disappointment with the current state of Manchester United. He admitted to being tired of watching the team and no longer wanting to work their games. He also highlighted the growing noise against the manager and the lack of confidence in the players and owners.

A Sad Indictment

Neville's fatigue with his own club is a reflection of the wider disillusionment felt by fans. He emphasized that becoming bored and tired of watching the team is a sad position to be in. He mentioned that he is not alone in feeling this way, as others have also expressed their frustration in recent weeks.

Lack of Confidence

Manchester United currently sits seventh in the Premier League and is struggling to find form. Neville pointed out that the team has lost the confidence of the fans and the media. He criticized their consistently below-par performances and declared that they are not good enough.

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Fear of the Future

Looking ahead, Neville expressed his concerns about the upcoming matches against Chelsea and Liverpool. He feared that the team's lack of confidence could lead to further disappointment and emphasized the need for improvement.

Overall, Neville's candid remarks highlight the frustration and disillusionment felt by fans of Manchester United. The team's upcoming games will be crucial in determining their trajectory for the season.

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