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Jose Mourinho Confuses Italian Media with Bizarre Protest as He Refuses to Speak in Italian in Roma Press Conference

Jose Mourinho Confuses Italian Media with Bizarre Protest as He Refuses to Speak in Italian in Roma Press Conference

What Happened?

Jose Mourinho, the former manager of Tottenham Hotspur, left Italian media puzzled after Roma's 2-1 victory over Sassuolo. In a one-man protest, Mourinho refused to speak Italian during the post-match press conference, despite being fluent in the language. Instead, he answered questions through an interpreter and responded in Portuguese.

Mind Games and Gratitude

Mourinho began the press conference by expressing his gratitude towards the club and director Tiago Pinto for their support. He dedicated the victory to his assistant manager, Salvatore Foti, who was absent but contributed significantly to the team's success.

Hard-Fought Victory

Roma trailed in the game for almost an hour before turning the tide with goals from Paulo Dybala and Rasmus Kristensen. Mourinho praised the players and fans for their efforts and described the victory as hard-fought and well-deserved.

Mourinho's Mind Games

Prior to the game, Mourinho engaged in mind games by expressing concerns about the referee, VAR, and Sassuolo player Berardi. He described the referee as lacking emotional stability and criticized Berardi's behavior on the field.

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Explaining His Choice of Language

Mourinho later explained that he chose to speak Portuguese because his Italian was not polished enough to express certain concepts. He clarified that when he referred to "emotional stability," he was emphasizing the importance of this quality in both life and football.

Controversial Incident

During added time, one of Mourinho's coaching staff members was sent off for refusing to return the match ball to Sassuolo's players when they attempted a quick throw. Mourinho defended his actions, stating that fair play should be reciprocated and criticized a specific player in the Sassuolo squad.

First Win at Mapei Stadium

The victory over Sassuolo marked Mourinho's first win at the Mapei stadium as Roma manager. The team's success has propelled them into the top four of the league standings.

Roma's next game will be held at the Stadio Olimpico, where they will face Fiorentina at home.

courtesy of thesun.co.uk

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