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Suella Braverman to Launch Scathing Attack on Rishi Sunak's Migration Record

Suella Braverman to Launch Scathing Attack on Rishi Sunaks Migration Record

Commons Statement

Suella Braverman, the former Home Secretary, is set to deliver a powerful statement in the House of Commons today, where she will criticize Rishi Sunak's approach to migration. Braverman's attack comes ahead of the government's highly-anticipated legislation on Rwanda.

Overruling European Convention of Human Rights

Rishi Sunak is considering plans to override the rules of the European Convention of Human Rights, which could impact the removal of migrants. Braverman is expected to demand the disapplication of Strasbourg edicts from asylum policy in her speech.

Renewed Challenge to Sunak's Authority

This statement follows Braverman's previous letter, which directly challenged Rishi Sunak's authority. In the letter, she accused him of betraying their agreement to reduce net migration and criticized his leadership style as weak.

James Cleverly Replaces Braverman

Suella Braverman was fired and replaced by James Cleverly after she wrote an article criticizing the Metropolitan Police's handling of pro-Palestine protests. Since her departure, she has continued to criticize Sunak's approach to migration.

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Unusual Personal Statement

Personal statements in the House of Commons are rare and usually only allowed after a senior Cabinet member's departure. Notable examples include Geoffrey Howe's resignation speech in 1990, which accelerated Margaret Thatcher's downfall.

Treaty with Rwanda

Home Secretary James Cleverly traveled to Kigali to seal a new treaty that addresses concerns raised by the Supreme Court. The treaty aims to prevent illegal migration and block Channel crossings. The UK government hopes to have flights to Rwanda operational by next spring.

"No Credible Reason" to Block Flights

James Cleverly stated that there is now "no credible reason" to block flights, as the UK has signed a treaty with Rwanda that gives them control over who comes to the country. The treaty also grants residency to almost all small boat migrants, even if their asylum claims are rejected.

Emergency Legislation

The Prime Minister is working with lawyers on emergency legislation expected to be announced tomorrow, which will declare Rwanda a "safe country." This legislation may bypass challenges under the European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act.

courtesy of thesun.co.uk

Concerns and Opposition

There are concerns from both centrist and right-wing Tory MPs regarding overriding the European Convention on Human Rights. Some argue that such decisions should not be rushed, while others demand more time to scrutinize the legislation.

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