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New Law Could Force Fujitsu to Compensate Postmasters in Horizon Scandal

New Law Could Force Fujitsu to Compensate Postmasters in Horizon Scandal

Proposed Law Aims to Secure Repayment for Affected Postmasters

Fujitsu may be obliged to compensate every postmaster who suffered financial losses in the Horizon scandal, thanks to a new law being introduced by the government. The legislation aims to clear the names of the 700 postmasters who were wrongfully convicted. However, Lord John Mann has highlighted the plight of an additional 4,000 individuals who borrowed or used their savings to repay money they didn't owe. He is pushing for an amendment to the law that would require Fujitsu to reimburse these individuals, which could amount to millions of pounds.

Hundreds of Sub Postmasters Suffered in Silence

According to Lord John Mann, there are thousands of "hidden victims" of the Horizon scandal - sub postmasters and mistresses who quietly repaid money they didn't owe out of fear of prosecution and damage to their reputations. He intends to table an amendment to the new legislation to ensure that Fujitsu takes responsibility for their treatment of these individuals. He emphasizes that these victims should not be ignored and that their suffering over the years must be acknowledged.

Justice Secretary and Calls for Fujitsu to Pay

Justice Secretary Alex Chalk has echoed the sentiment that Fujitsu should compensate the postmasters affected by the Horizon scandal. He believes that "polluters should pay" and that the IT giant should contribute to the post office compensation scheme. However, the government is waiting for the completion of the public inquiry into the scandal before determining how Fujitsu's payment will be structured. The inquiry is expected to conclude at the end of the year. Additionally, there are calls for Fujitsu to lose its government contracts as a consequence of its involvement in the scandal.

Fujitsu did not provide a comment in response to the request for a statement.

courtesy of thesun.co.uk

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