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Lauryn Goodman Spotted with Baby Following Kyle Walker's Split

Lauryn Goodman Spotted with Baby Following Kyle Walkers Split


Lauryn Goodman, the Instagram influencer rumored to have a child with England star Kyle Walker, has been seen for the first time since Walker's wife, Annie, announced their split. Goodmand was spotted cradling her daughter during a coffee run in Sussex.

The Allegations

It was reported that Annie received a message on Boxing Day alleging that Walker is the father of Goodman's second child. This comes after Walker and Goodman had a brief relationship in 2019, during which they had a son together.

Lauryn Goodman Seen in Sussex

Lauryn Goodman was seen in Sussex with her five-month-old daughter, carrying car keys, a coffee, and her phone. She wore black flared leggings, a black fleece, and Adidas shoes.

The Relationship Timeline

Goodman and Walker had a son, Kairo, in April 2020, while Walker was temporarily split from Annie Kilner. However, Walker and Kilner got married in November 2021 and announced their separation shortly after. In March 2023, Goodman revealed she was expecting her second child but did not disclose the father's identity.

courtesy of thesun.co.uk

The Fallout

Upon receiving the message about Walker's alleged involvement with Goodman, Annie confronted him, leading to an argument and her ordering him to leave their family home. Friends of Annie say there is "no chance" of a reconciliation, and any potential divorce could result in a legal battle over Walker's £30million fortune.


The situation between Lauryn Goodman, Kyle Walker, and Annie Kilner remains tense and uncertain. As the story continues to develop, it is crucial to respect the privacy of all parties involved during this difficult time.

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