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Last Fulham win at Chelsea: A Blast from the Past

Last Fulham win at Chelsea: A Blast from the Past

Former Chelsea Player Gordon Davies Recalls the Memorable Victory

Gordon Davies, the last Fulham player to score in a win against Chelsea, reflects on the historic victory that took place 44 years ago. In an interview, Davies shares his memories of the West London clash and discusses the significance of this long-awaited win for Fulham.

A Triumph Against the Odds

Fulham's victory at Stamford Bridge in 1979 was no easy feat. The team had lost their previous five matches, while Chelsea was vying for promotion. Despite the odds stacked against them, Fulham managed to secure a 2-0 win, with Davies scoring the second goal. This victory not only boosted the team's confidence but also left a lasting mark in the history books.

The Thrill of the Derby

The match between Fulham and Chelsea was not just any ordinary game. As a local derby, it was played in front of Chelsea's largest crowd of the season. The intense rivalry between the two clubs added an extra layer of excitement to the clash, making the victory even sweeter for Fulham.

A Special Goal and a Heroic Performance

Davies recalls the goal that sealed the victory for Fulham. It was a well-executed corner routine, with defender Tony Gale flicking the ball to Davies, who scored from close range. Davies also highlights the outstanding performance of goalkeeper Perry Digweed, who played his first league game for Fulham that season and emerged as a hero.

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A Changing Dynamic: Fulham vs. Chelsea

Davies shares his perspective on the rivalry between Fulham and Chelsea. While both teams have always aimed to defeat each other, Davies believes that Chelsea, in a way, wants Fulham to succeed as long as they come out on top in their encounters. He describes Fulham's relationship with Chelsea as that of a younger sibling striving to prove themselves against their older counterpart.

A Mixed Reception at Chelsea

Having played for both Fulham and Chelsea, Davies reflects on his time at Stamford Bridge. He recounts how he was met with boos from Chelsea fans when he first joined the club. However, Davies managed to win them over with his goal-scoring prowess, and he continues to be remembered fondly by the Chelsea faithful.

In conclusion, Fulham's last win at Chelsea remains an iconic moment in the club's history. As they prepare to face off once again, the Fulham faithful will be hoping to witness another memorable victory against their West London rivals.

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