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I worked under Sir Jim Ratcliffe, his takeover will be great news for Man Utd – especially when it comes to transfers

I worked under Sir Jim Ratcliffe, his takeover will be great news for Man Utd – especially when it comes to transfers

Sir Jim Ratcliffe has received high praise from one of his former managers, Adrian Ursea, who believes that the billionaire's takeover of Manchester United will turn things around for the club. Ursea, who worked under Ratcliffe at Nice, witnessed firsthand how the businessman transformed a struggling club.

Investment and Transformation

Ratcliffe made significant investments in Nice, taking them from relegation contenders to title challengers. When Ursea was managing the club, they were facing the threat of relegation. However, after Ratcliffe bought the club in 2019, Nice climbed to second place in the league and remained unbeaten in 12 league games. Ursea praised Ratcliffe for his willingness to spend the necessary funds to improve the club's on-pitch performance.

Financial Stability and Increased Transfers

Ursea highlighted the positive impact of Ratcliffe's financial backing, stating that the club no longer faced any money-related issues. He mentioned that before Ratcliffe's arrival, Nice had significant financial problems. However, once Ratcliffe's company, Ineos, took over, those problems disappeared. Ineos began spending more money on transfers, with the club's transfer budget increasing from £4.3m or £5.2m to £52million. This financial boost allowed Nice to sign players for up to €15m, a significant increase from their previous transfer limit.

The Right Appointments

Ursea also praised Ratcliffe's ability to appoint the right people for the job. With Ratcliffe set to make sweeping changes to Manchester United's football structure, including the selection of a new CEO following Richard Arnold's resignation, Ursea believes that he will bring the same approach to the club as he did with Nice. Ratcliffe and Ineos are known for nominating specialists who truly understand the inner workings of a football club, and Ursea expects this to be the case with Manchester United. He envisions Ratcliffe building a galaxy of clubs similar to Red Bull or the City Football Group, while also expressing his belief that Ratcliffe genuinely loves Manchester United.

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Overall, Ratcliffe's takeover of Manchester United is seen as a positive development, particularly in terms of transfers and financial stability. With his track record at Nice, there is hope that Ratcliffe can lead Manchester United to success both on and off the pitch.

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