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Golfer Joost Luiten's Epic Meltdown: Three Clubs Stuck in a Tree

Golfer Joost Luitens Epic Meltdown: Three Clubs Stuck in a Tree

What Happened

Golfer Joost Luiten experienced a major meltdown during the final round of the DP Tour in Dubai. After a wayward tee shot on the ninth hole, Luiten's frustration led him to throw his driver into a tree. Unfortunately, his TaylorMade club got stuck, sparking a hilarious and unsuccessful attempt to retrieve it.

The Comedy Unfolds

Luiten's caddie tried to climb the tree to retrieve the club, but his efforts were in vain. Determined to get his driver back, Luiten resorted to launching two of his irons, which also ended up stuck in the tree. He even attempted to use a signpost to dislodge the clubs, causing laughter from onlookers.

Luiten's Frustration

Clearly not finding the situation amusing, Luiten expressed his frustration by kicking his bag in anger. With three clubs stuck in the tree, he had to finish the final hole with only 11 clubs.

Help Arrives

Thankfully, a volunteer and Luiten's pregnant wife, Melanie-Jane, came to the rescue. They managed to retrieve the lost clubs, allowing Luiten to continue playing.

courtesy of thesun.co.uk

Luiten Reflects on the Incident

After finishing in 48th place in a 50-man field, Luiten spoke about the viral incident. He explained that his frustration from a previous bogey led to his outburst and summed up his week as one where nothing seemed to go his way.

Describing his attempts to dislodge his clubs, Luiten admitted his unconventional methods failed, leaving him with three clubs stuck in the tree.

Overall, it was a memorable moment on the golf course that showcased Luiten's fiery temper. Despite the mishap, he remained determined and continued to play his round.

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