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Gary Neville Opens Up About Split from Former Fiancee Hannah Thornley

Gary Neville Opens Up About Split from Former Fiancee Hannah Thornley

The Breakup

Gary Neville, former Manchester United player, has revealed details about his breakup with his old fiancee Hannah Thornley. The couple dated for several years and were engaged before their split in 2000. Neville, now 48, spoke about how the breakup affected him at the time.

A Big Setback

Neville admitted that the breakup with Hannah was a significant setback for him, especially after winning the Treble with Manchester United in 1999. He described the relationship as his first serious one and believed that they would be together forever. However, their plans changed when Hannah went on a six-month placement in France and Germany.

The End of the Relationship

Neville explained that while Hannah was in France, she met someone else from her course and their connection grew. When she returned, she ended her relationship with Neville. Despite having a few meetings after winning the Treble, Neville acknowledged that the trust and feeling between them had been broken.

Reflecting on the Breakup

Looking back on the breakup, Neville now believes that it was for the best. He later married Emma Hadfield in 2007, and they are still together. Neville shared these details during an interview on The Daily Ketchup Podcast. He also revealed that Hannah was the sister of one of his good friends, Ben Thornley.

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Hannah's Post-Breakup Life

Following her split from Neville, Hannah reportedly began dating a childhood sweetheart. Her brother, Ben Thornley, was a former United academy graduate who played alongside Neville in 1992. Thornley's promising football career was cut short by injury.

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