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Former Arsenal Star Eduardo Da Silva Comes Out of Retirement to Play in England's 14th Tier

Former Arsenal Star Eduardo Da Silva Comes Out of Retirement to Play in Englands 14th Tier

A Gruesome Reminder

Former Arsenal striker Eduardo Da Silva reveals that a pair of battered football boots hanging on his wall serve as a constant reminder of the day his life changed forever.

The Worst Injury in Premier League History

16 years ago, Eduardo suffered one of the worst injuries in Premier League history, when a brutal tackle from Birmingham defender Martin Taylor left him with a double broken leg and open dislocation of his left ankle.

A Comeback in the Works

As the anniversary of his injury approaches, the 40-year-old former Croatia international plans to come out of retirement and sign for an English grassroots club in the Kent County League Third Division.

Inspiring His Son

Eduardo's son, Matheus, is motivated by his father's boots and dreams of following in his footsteps by playing for Arsenal.

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A Long Road to Recovery

It took Eduardo 18 months to fully recover from his devastating injury, and he still carries the scars in the form of a metal plate and five pins in his ankle.

A Career Impacted

The injury had a negative impact on Eduardo's career, as people questioned whether he was still the same player. He eventually transferred to Ukrainian club Shakhtar Donetsk in 2010.

A Father-Son Bond

Eduardo's son has seen the video of his father's injury, but it remains a difficult topic of conversation between them.

A Return to England

Eduardo plans to sign for Kent amateur team Gillingham Town, where he is already an ambassador and has invested his own money into the club.

courtesy of thesun.co.uk

A Living Example

Eduardo believes in the importance of grassroots football and wants to support clubs like Gillingham Town in order to give opportunities to hidden gems in every community.

No Anger or Grudge

Eduardo holds no malice towards Martin Taylor or any other player involved in his injury, as he believes it's part of the job and can happen to anyone.

A Testament to Resilience

The boots hanging on Eduardo's wall serve as a testament to his resilience and his ability to overcome adversity.