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Football Fans Confused as Eric Dier's Accent Raises Eyebrows

Football Fans Confused as Eric Diers Accent Raises Eyebrows

Did Eric Dier Pull a Steve McClaren?

Football fans have been left scratching their heads after Eric Dier's accent appeared to change following his move to Bayern Munich. The defender recently bid farewell to Tottenham after a nine-and-a-half-year stint and signed with the German giants for £3.5 million. However, some supporters mistakenly believed that Dier had adopted a European twang to his voice.

Always Had an Accent

Despite the confusion, more observant fans were quick to point out that Dier has always had his distinct accent. This can be attributed to the fact that he spent a significant portion of his childhood in Portugal. In response to the speculation, one fan jokingly referred to the infamous incident involving Steve McClaren, who famously spoke in a Dutch accent after joining Twente. However, it seems Dier's accent has remained consistent throughout his career.

Settling into His New Life

Since arriving in Germany, Dier has been adjusting to his new surroundings and recently shared that he has spoken with his long-time friend and former teammate Harry Kane. The two discussed training and made plans to meet up. Kane, who also made the move to Bayern in the summer, has been in sensational form, scoring an impressive 25 goals in 22 appearances.


While some fans may have been puzzled by Eric Dier's accent, it turns out he has always had his distinctive voice. As he begins a new chapter in his football career with Bayern Munich, Dier continues to embrace his unique background and looks forward to making an impact on the pitch.

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