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England Lionesses Fans Cry Foul After Missing Out on Team GB Olympics Spot

England Lionesses Fans Cry Foul After Missing Out on Team GB Olympics Spot

Controversial Finish

England Lionesses fans are up in arms after their team missed out on a spot in the Team GB Olympics squad. They believe that the Dutch's 4-0 victory over Belgium was fixed. The controversy stems from Belgium replacing their goalkeeper in the 93rd minute, just before the Netherlands scored their crucial fourth goal.

Heartbreak for the Lionesses

Despite a valiant effort, the Lionesses fell short in their bid to secure a spot in the Nations League Finals. England needed to surpass the Dutch's goal difference to advance, but despite a 6-0 drubbing of Scotland in their final group match, it wasn't enough to secure the top spot.

Controversial Timing

In a nail-biting finish, the Netherlands scored two injury-time goals to deny England a spot in the finals. Damaris Eggurola's goal in the 91st minute put the Dutch back on top, but Lucy Bronze's last-minute header seemed to give England a glimmer of hope. However, Egurrola's well-placed header in the final seconds of the game sealed the victory for the Dutch.

Cries of Conspiracy

After Belgium made a goalkeeper substitution in the third minute of stoppage time, England fans took to social media to express their suspicions. Some fans accused Belgium of intentionally allowing the Netherlands to score the winning goal. Others questioned the motive behind the goalkeeper change. The heartbreaking loss has left many feeling that England was cheated out of a spot in the Olympics.

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Unanswered Questions

In addition to the controversy surrounding the Dutch victory, Scotland has also faced accusations of not giving their all against England. If Scotland had won, the home nations would have joined forces to play for Team GB in the Olympics. However, their loss to England has left fans wondering if they intentionally underperformed.

With the Lionesses' hopes dashed and the Olympics dream shattered, England fans are left to question what could have been.

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