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Rishi Sunak Preparing to Bypass Euro Rules to Fly Migrants to Rwanda

Rishi Sunak Preparing to Bypass Euro Rules to Fly Migrants to Rwanda

Emergency Legislation to Counter Court Challenges

Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, is getting ready to sidestep European Union rules that pose a threat to his plan of flying migrants to Rwanda. Allies have stated that the emergency legislation, expected to be introduced within days, will be strong enough to counter any further court challenges. Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron has hinted that the UK may ignore the edicts of the European Court of Human Rights, suggesting that the judges in Strasbourg must exhibit "flexibility".

Treaty with Rwanda Addressing Concerns Raised by Supreme Court

James Cleverly, the Home Secretary, has flown to Rwanda to finalize a new treaty that tackles the concerns raised by the Supreme Court. Cleverly has stated that there is now "no credible reason" to obstruct flights. The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has reasserted that he aims to have planes taking off by spring. Johnson also emphasized that the UK has signed a treaty with Rwanda, making it clear that the country has the authority to decide who enters its borders, not criminal organizations.

Beefed-Up Deal with Rwanda

The enhanced agreement with Rwanda obligates the country to provide residency to nearly all boat migrants, including failed asylum seekers. However, the government of Rwanda has the power to veto any asylum seeker, and the UK will accept a portion of Rwanda's refugees. Taxpayers may be required to contribute more funds in addition to the £140 million that has already been spent.

Emergency Legislation Declaring Rwanda a "Safe Country"

Mr. Sunak is collaborating with lawyers to draft emergency legislation, which is expected to be introduced as early as tomorrow. The legislation will declare Rwanda a "safe country". Lord Cameron reminded members of the House of Lords about how Britain previously overruled the European Court of Human Rights on the issue of prisoners' voting rights. However, some One Nation Tory MPs are urging the government to carefully consider overriding the European Court of Human Rights, stating that "long-term, difficult decisions" should not be rushed.

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