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Liz Truss Proposes Ban on Cross-Sex Hormone Treatment for Children

Liz Truss Proposes Ban on Cross-Sex Hormone Treatment for Children

Former Prime Minister Liz Truss has unveiled a plan to prohibit children from accessing irreversible cross-sex hormones, aiming to protect young people from making regrettable changes to their bodies.

The Current Situation

Currently, teenagers aged 16 and above may receive cross-sex hormones after being on puberty blockers for a year. However, the NHS warns that these hormones can lead to irreversible changes, including breast development, a deeper voice, and infertility.

Truss' Proposal

Under Liz Truss' plan, teenagers would only be able to access hormone treatment once they turn 18, ensuring that they have more time to consider the potential consequences.

Presentation to the Commons

The South West Norfolk MP will present her proposed Bill to the Commons on Wednesday, with the aim of gaining cross-party support.

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Additional Measures

In addition to the ban on cross-sex hormone treatment for minors, Truss' plan also seeks to prevent the state from formally recognizing social transitioning in individuals under the age of 18 and protect single-sex spaces.

A government spokesperson confirmed that the NHS is currently consulting on restricting the prescribing of puberty blockers.

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