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Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer Rejects EU as a Solution to UK's Economic Woes

Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer Rejects EU as a Solution to UKs Economic Woes

Starmer: EU Not a "Silver Bullet" for UK Economy

Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour party, dismissed the idea that the European Union could be a "silver bullet" to rescue Britain's struggling economy. In a speech delivered in London, Starmer argued that blaming the country's cost of living issues on leaving the EU would be a mistake.

No Begging to Rejoin the EU, Says Starmer

Starmer also made it clear that Labour would not seek to rejoin the EU, stating that he would not go cap in hand to European leaders to ask for Britain's return. Instead, he suggested that a Labour government would focus on forging closer economic ties to stimulate growth.

Labour's Green Initiatives Subject to "Fiscal Rules"

Addressing concerns about Labour's proposed £28 billion annual investment in green initiatives, Starmer assured the audience that the spending would be subject to strict "fiscal rules." This comes after Chancellor Jeremy Hunt criticized the party's "Green Prosperity Plan" as a potential driver of inflation and debt.

Praise for Margaret Thatcher Sparks Controversy

During a Q&A session following his speech, Starmer faced backlash for complimenting former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher for unleashing Britain's entrepreneurial spirit. Tory MPs criticized him for supporting both Jeremy Corbyn and praising the "Iron Lady." Some hard-left Labour politicians also found the comment insulting. In response, Starmer clarified that acknowledging someone's mission and plan doesn't equate to agreement.

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