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Ed Miliband's Eco Fanaticism Could Cost Labour the Election, Insiders Warn

Ed Milibands Eco Fanaticism Could Cost Labour the Election, Insiders Warn

Possible election disaster

Ed Miliband, often compared to the mischievous comic strip character Dennis the Menace, is causing concern among Labour party insiders. They believe his extreme environmental views could potentially cost the party the next General Election. Urging Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer to distance the party from Miliband and his "barmy eco policies," insiders fear the impact of his stance on the electorate.

Pressure to remove "Red Ed"

Despite surviving a recent reshuffle, which some claimed showed his close ties to Extinction Rebellion, pressure is mounting on Sir Keir to remove Miliband from his position. The call comes after Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced plans to ease net zero regulations, making it a prominent issue in the upcoming election.

Criticism of Miliband's views

Miliband has criticized Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to delay the ban on petrol cars until 2035, as well as the scrapping of insulation laws that would require Brits to spend thousands of pounds. A former Labour frontbencher called Miliband a "menace," insisting that Keir should have removed him from the party. Another Labour MP expressed their frustration, calling him a "disaster" as both a leader and a secretary of state.

Lack of presence

There are also concerns about Miliband's visibility following Sunak's net zero announcement. Some party members have claimed that he has been hidden away, suggesting that this is the right course of action.

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Defending his approach

Despite the criticism, Miliband defended his approach during a recent speech at the Co-operative Party Conference. He argued that the country is facing three simultaneous crises - a cost of living crisis, an economic crisis, and a climate crisis. Miliband pinned the blame for economic difficulties on the Tories and accused Sunak of not caring about the climate crisis.

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