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UK Heatwave Hits, Thunderstorms Loom: A Weather Rollercoaster!

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Sizzling Summer Days

The UK is turning up the heat! According to the Met Office, a stretch from the North West to the South East of England is officially in the grips of a heatwave. For those not in the know, a heatwave is defined as three consecutive days where daily maximum temperatures meet or exceed the heatwave temperature threshold. In London and its surrounds, that's a sizzling 28C, while Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the north of England have a slightly cooler threshold of 25C.

Thunderstorm Threats

But it's not all sunshine and high temperatures. Weather alerts for thunderstorms are in place from 12 pm to 9 pm for Scotland and Northern Ireland. This follows a day of heavy rain, hail, and lightning that hit much of the UK on Monday. The downpour after the club's triumphant Treble win on Saturday temporarily halted even the Manchester City trophy parade.

Pollution Alert

London's Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has issued a high air pollution warning - the second of the year. This is due to the high temperatures and pollution drifting from the continent. Khan's advice? Look after yourself and ditch the car. Opt for walking, cycling, or public transport instead.

The Need for Rain

Despite the heatwave, there's a call for a change in the weather. Tony Juniper, chair of Natural England, urges weather readers to rethink their sunny disposition. According to Juniper, the country "needs rain". He warns that our rivers and wetlands are dying, and wildlife is fading. His message is clear: "We need RAIN. It is good."

Drying Out

The West Cumbria Rivers Trust (WCRT) and the National Trust have also raised the alarm. They warn that what should be the wettest part of England has rivers running almost dry, creating "disastrous" conditions for wildlife like fish.

Record-Breaking Heat

Over the weekend, a temperature of 32C (89.6F) was recorded at Kew Gardens in southwest London. This made much of the UK hotter than Monaco and the French Riviera, where temperatures were in the low 20s. This fell just short of this year's record high of 32.2C (89.96F), which was reached on Saturday in Chertsey, Surrey.

So, there you have it, folks! A weather rollercoaster of heatwaves, thunderstorms, and a desperate need for rain. Stay tuned for more updates as we ride this weather wave together!

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